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(For English, see below) Mi amiga Gracie me ha pedido que diga algunas palabras sobre el tema de la intuición. Hoy les compartiré sobre un artículo de la revista Forbes. Ahora, esta revista como todos sabemos, es famosa por ser una revista sobre negocios. Como te puedes imaginar, esta no es una revista donde pudiera uno encontrar información sobre estos temas, sin embargo, hace poco tiempo, esta revista si tenía un artículo sobre la intuición. Encuentro muy interesante el hecho que esta revista este recomendando usar la intuición en los negocios. Claro que hombres y mujeres han estado usando su intuición toda la vida, pero que lo acepten y lo admitan en este tipo de revista me parece muy importante. Me da esperanza porque demuestra que las personas que manejan las finanzas del mundo están comenzando a ser honestos sobre las herramientas que usan para mejorar su vida. En años pasados, hubieran citado su éxito en algún estudio financiero, educación o mucho trabajo, pero nunca hubieran hablado de la intuición. Y es que hasta hace poco, la intuición tenía una connotación negativa en el mundo del trabajo, lo veían como algo femenino, no lo valoraban y la percibían como algo no practico. Pero esos tiempos ya están cambiando, Gracie. ¡Tengo muchas esperanzas! Puedo ver como la sabiduría de la intuición es finalmente vista como lo que es, una práctica real de vida que existe en cada uno de nosotros.

Con esto, tenemos un ejemplo real de alguien en el mundo de los negocios que está tomando seriamente el tema de la intuición.  Ahora, lo que necesitamos es que toda la gente se conecte con esta herramienta interior y cambien al enfoque de “Solo para mi” a “Lo mejor para todos.”  ¡Yo siento y pienso que ese día puede de verdad llegar en el futuro y eso, me hace muy feliz!  


My process for finding the card for this week was to ask my guides, angels and loved ones to be with me and guide me for the most helpful card for this week for you the listers.  Then I was drawn to the angel tarot deck sitting on my kitchen table.  So I shuffled the deck well and began to look at the cards, starting with the top card on the deck.  I just let my intuition flow and did not have a plan, I simply looked at the cards and kept going, sometimes picking from different places until I came to one that really caught my attention.  

The method I used is a little like the practice of Bibliomancy.  This is the way I do bibliomancy.  I select a book from my personal library on a topic that’s sort of related to the circumstances I’m dealing with, or you can use the Bible or the I Ching this way.  You could use a book of poetry you like.  See what I mean.  Then open the book at a random page and start reading there and keep reading until something catches my attention, could be something I like or maybe even dislike.  It may not even seem related to the circumstances that I’m asking about.  However, just start there.  Start thinking about what the statement means to you, whether you agree or disagree, things that it reminds you of, how you would change the phrase to be more of you liking, see what I mean, now continue to let these thoughts flow, and if your mind wanders off topic, gently and firmly (like you would deal with a beloved small child) pull your mind back on course.  Eventually you will feel that you’ve had enough, (generally between 5 to 15 minutes).  At that point in time, ask yourself gently what message or guidance there is for you now.  Rest a few minutes with your eyes closed.  Something may occur to you then, but if not then then something will “pop” into your head during the day or next few days.   

Now the technique I want to share is how to set yourself up to begin this process, for as you know, in life, your foundations are important. What you are trying to do here is get in a relaxed and creative frame of mind.  Now what works for me will not necessarily work for you.  But its important to have a bit of a reverent state of mind when you start.  That’s why I always start with a prayer or asking my angels, guides and loved ones for support and to guide me to the most helpful information.  I don’t expect them to hand me an answer, but rather to show me things that will help me decide what to do, to give me fresh perspectives and insights that I might have otherwise overlooked.    

I’ve noticed that I work best in familiar, lovely surroundings, where I feel safe, relaxed and have beautiful things around me.  I sit in a comfortable, padded chair at my kitchen table, next to my home altar and light a candle.  I say my prayer and just relax, no hurry, no rush.  Now these things appeal to me because my sun sign is  Taurus, which is an earth sign, that loves comfort and beauty, like one of it’s associated Goddesses, Venus.  But what if you are a Libra sun sign.  Well Libra is an earth sign as well, so some of those things will be positive for you.  But Libra also loves harmony, so you will want to try to get any disharmonious elements out of the way.  You could do this by meditating with crystals.  A water sign like Cancer, Scorpio or Pices might work best in the bathtub, or while soaking their feet in water, or drinking a delicious hot or cold drink.  A fire sign such as a Leo, Aries or Sagitarius might work well after a hard exercise work out or by filling their space with candles.  Capricorn is an earth sign and its associated diety is Saturn.  So here you would want earth elements, because Capricorn is an earth sign, but also do work on self-forgiveness, because Saturn can be a harsh planet that brings great rewards.  An air sign, like Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, needs freedom feeling, no limits, so she will need to find a place and time to feel unconstrained, and free.  

These are just beginning thoughts for you.  I have a lot more to say on this and hope I can do so soon.


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